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5 reasons to be a fitness trainer

5 reasons to be a fitness trainer

My offline biz is about teaching Pilates and personal training aaaaand educating Pilates instructors so we often talk about why it’s good to be a Pilates instructor. Now, I decided to write about why it’s good to be a fitness instructor in general.

  1. Working out can be much more than a hobby

Have you ever wondered what it might be like, if you really love your job? If you love working out, love to teach, love people, help others, you should think about being a fitness, Pilates instructor or a yoga teacher as part of your career. Absolutely free of charge, at least once a week besides your 9-to-5, and then if you’re completely falling in love, you can increase your number of hours, you can even become a full-time instructor. And you can spend your working days in the most comfortable clothes. You know, yoga pants 😉

  1. You get out of the office

If you’re bored to sit all day long and wait for the day to end and run for training or home, if you are satisfied that you have to keep reminding yourself to go at least to the office next door to move a little bit yourself, then I’ll tell you that you will not be tied to the chair during fitness classes. As an instructor, you probably won’t  complete your entire class, but you will be guaranteed to move as you walk from one client to another to check the correct posture and correct them where needed. Not to mention that clients come from different backgrounds with different occupations, so teaching can help you meet people with whom you could never have met. Sooo, you can widen your horizon, you can talk to people from a totally different background than you which boosts your life, I have to tell you.

  1. You can help others

Fitness classes are often visited by people who are struggling with something, back pain, hip pain, tight muscles from stress, weight loss or just coming for stress relief. We are often almost accustomed to pain, but there is nothing better than having everyday pain gone. You can give this to your clients, a painless, stressless (okay, less stressful) more comfortable life. This gives you a little bit of success, isn’t it?

  1. You can satisfy your desire for knowledge

During the teacher’s training, you will have a lot of topics covered but there will always be clients who come with extra problems, which you will need to research and ask for advice from more experienced instructors. Once you realize you learn new things every single day and you know more and more. And we know it from The Big Bang Theory that smart is the new sexy.

  1. You can have a flexible schedule

Although, life is not easy-peasy as a fitness trainer because the most popular times for working are those when others have their free time, aka in the evening, but that’s why it is easy to combine with other work, decide which nights you spend at home and work. In the middle of the day, when the offices have the shortest waiting time, there are usually no classes, so you can deal with everyday matters much faster. In addition, if you want to return to the work market after a baby, you don’t have to choose between the 40-50 hours of the week but you can start with a few hours a week, too. Having a flexible work time can have its advantages and disadvantages, I admit but I’m enjoying having the flexibility – you may enjoy it too.


If you are thinking about becoming a trainer, check out my free checklist about the essentials you need to start your career in fitness.


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