business clarity & work-life harmony

90 Days to a Brand New Career

If you are ready to start working on your new career goals but don’t know where to start, I’m here for you.

I tell you what you need:

  • a clear vision that you can work for (yes, we can work it out together)
  • get a clear idea of your ideal client
  • advice on how to effectively package your services
  • an action plan on how to get visible and tell the world about your existence

What if I do all the hard work for you?

  • like telling you what is the most logical first step in your career
  • showing you the fields you need to concentrate on
  • giving you hints to find the best direction within the fitness career
  • give you clarity about your career steps
  • make you gain confidence in your knowledge
  • teach you how to get clients without going crazy

During our consultations, we can cover all the topics you need to know before you start your business or how to launch your services or master passive income opportunities. Topics we may cover include:

  • mindset change you need to start a career
  • how to find the perfect training (if you need a certification for your career)
  • how to create a homepage
  • how to start practising what you learned at school
  • master your homepage (essential elements you need to get noticed)
  • how to find your niche
  • how to package your services
  • list building 101
  • how to write newsletters as a boss
  • how to get clients and client work
  • passive income opportunities as a fitness professional


  • a partnership between you and me
  • sessions where I can give you my expert advice on what to do in what order to save time and money when starting a business
  • focusing on what’s important to reach your goals (aka start your biz in the most time and cost-effective way)
  • Superfocused sessions where we explore your options and opportunities
  • Creating solutions for your problem



1:1 coaching & consulting

  • Weekly 60-minutes calls
  • Handouts, workbooks and home assignments
  • Unlimited emails
  • 12-week program – 1800 USD

1:1 email coaching & consulting

  • Weekly email “meetings” (long and detailed answers to all your questions)
  • Handouts, workbooks and home assignments
  • Up to 3 short email exchange
  • 12-week program – 500 USD

1:1 consultations may include:

  • Personalized strategic plan to start your career in fitness (from zero to business)
  • Business assessment
  • Accountability and mentoring


If you are not ready for coaching, check out my FREE checklist on things you need to start a biz in fitness.