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From the bottom to happiness

From the bottom to happiness

I totally lost my balance.
Not just in this fearful (not) climbing thingy in the children’s park.
I went up there then I started to panic, realising I can’t do it.

I did the same with my work. I can’t say I aimed too high, I just created unrealistic plans how to reach my goals. Did you know what was the result?
⚡ disappointment
⚡ failure
⚡ burnout

I killed my health, I woke up with a heart rate that is not even healthy during a workout, I had stomach ache and anxiety attacks from time to time. I freaked out, I had days when I worked 16 hours a day then I had day offs when I couldn’t get out of the bed.

I was miserable. I was desperate. I didn’t have enough money. I didn’t have any other options than working more and more.

At least, this is what I thought. The more I work, the more chance I have.


Then I heard the saying “work smarter, not harder” and I started to reorganise my whole life. I changed my routine, my mindset, my workflow, my everything.

I turned myself from an overworked entrepreneur who worked for ridiculously little money to an entrepreneur who teaches fellow-entrepreneurs how not to make the same mistakes.

I learnt new techniques, I studied about health and work-life balance, I found new methods to save time and increased my productivity. I took courses, I read books, I was soooo eager to learn more and become even better.

My burnout led to a new career. I did not only save my own life and career but since then I have been working on saving overworked entrepreneurs from this stupid mistake I made. I mean burnout and losing friends and destroying relationships over stress.

Better productivity, more clarity and a new routine leads to a better work-life balance – or as I like to call it: harmony.

Now I finally have time for my dream workouts, long walks on the river bank, I don’t cancel meetings with my friends but I enjoy discovering new and new places around the city. I finally have a LIFE!

I like my new life much better.
How about you? Are you satisfied with your work-life balance? With your productivity? And how about your clarity in your business?

Do you want me to help you out and answer all your questions and make your worklife much easier and create more freetime?


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