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I’m a life coach now. Whaaaaat? Why?!

I’m a life coach now. Whaaaaat? Why?!

If someone told me 2 years ago that I would be a life coach one day, I would have laughed at her. I have always taught that it’s something weird, something full of bullshit and it’s totally useless. However, the more clients I worked with, the more I read about motivation, life determining events and all. I had to admit, I can’t coach someone to start a new career without discussing the inner motivation, plans for life, without getting to know his or her personality.

These are all important things to determine what career path fits the best, where to find the purpose and how to manage time. Introverts and extroverts both can become awesome trainers but with a different focus, different free time activities, and yes, with a totally different marketing plan.

So, I started to learn about these topics, watched videos then I realised, there’s so much more than just being interested in a topic so I decided to get certified. Now, I’m a life and life purpose coach and I know, my clients will benefit from it. Even those who are against working with a life coach because of the unfortunate reputation of some life coaches. Thanks to my readings and my studies, I have a much clearer overview of a career path now.

Okay, I’m happy but what now? You must be curious what the heck this must mean.

What is a life coach?

First what is NOT a life coach:

  • not something esoteric and transcending bullshit
  • not a person who will solve all your problems with touching you at weird places (yes, this fear is a „true story”)
  • not a therapist, so a life coach can’t replace counseling
  • a life coach is not a mentor or a consultant – this is how I differ because I consider myself more of a mentor or consultant but add some skills and methods into my sessions from life coaching
  • a life coach doesn’t evaluate or critique their clients or their life in any way. It is a judgement free zone when you come to a session.

So if not these, who the hell is a life coach and how she/he can help you?

  • a life coach takes you from where you are today to where you want to be
  • can create an actionable plan and provide accountability to stick to it
  • can help you explore what areas you want to change and where you need clarity, figure it out together (but it’s not guidance because that’s what mentors do – and this is what I offer, a mix of mentoring and life coaching)
  • can show you how to get that clarity
  • a life coach is an ideal partner in crime for people who are in transition, feel unbalanced or stuck in some areas of life
  • for those who have a hard time sticking to their goals
  • it’s ideal to work with a life coach if you are full of limiting beliefs (these are the doubts that are unconsciously there and we are not even aware how or that we are sabotaging ourselves, these are the thoughts that are getting in our way to get what we want)
  • a life coach can help you overcome these obstacles, build your confidence
  • can explore what you are able to do

This is how I see a life coach, this is what a real life coach is. However, I don’t want to be a life coach only, I see it as a different approach. There are some people who need coaching, others benefit more from working with a mentor but a life coach can determine what the client needs and form the sessions accordingly.

11 thoughts on “I’m a life coach now. Whaaaaat? Why?!”

  • Thanks for this great post, I never really knew what a life coach did before! In fact, it sounds like I need a life coach at the moment with lots of changes in my life and not being where I want to be. I might have a look around locally for someone that fits the above description. Thanks!

    • I think, most people don’t really know what a life coach does. I didn’t know it, either :S
      And yes, many people realise they need some kind of help to get forward in life but don’t know where to start and don’t think of life coaches in these situations.

  • I never though life couch can be that helpful to be honest ! I have so many different interest but I don’t really know for 100% what do I want to do in my life even tho I am in my late 20s. But its never too late right ? 🙂 Thank you for this informative post !

    • oh, it’s never too late 😀 I have had clients in their late 40s who were in the same situation 😀 But we could step forward and they were satisfied just because what you have written: it’s never too late!

  • COngrats on being a life coach! This was an interesting read as although I’ve heard of a life coach I’ve never used one and really didn’t know what they did – thank you for sharing and explaining it! 🙂

  • I think I’ve been in your camp, not really seeing why a “life” coach is necessary. But lately, I’ve been of the mind that we need to get our inner stuff in order before we can be truly successful. I think what puts people off is that there are so many life coaches nowadays and it just seems like the trendy thing to do. Congratulations on accepting who you are and doing it well!

  • I’ve always wondered too. I keep thinking why do I need one when I can just read all the self-help books available. I guess with a proper life coach I don’t need to read all those books lol! I definitely need to look into getting myself a (GOOD) life coach. I’ve been feeling unsure and lost for a long time.

  • Thanks for setting people straight! My dad became a life coach a few years ago and received a lot of negative reactions. He really does help people…he is practical and wise. I hope you love it!

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