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Meeting myself

Meeting myself

Confession time.

Life is nothing like Instagram life. Life is full of struggles, sadness, despair and serious or mild illnesses. And lots of conflicts. Even if you live a healthy life, even if Instagram life is full of bright photos of passion fruit and happiness. Life is nothing like that. Life is not perfect. Not even if you are a seemingly happy and healthy health coach.

I have had a rough year. I had to use all my feminine, amazon-like and my masculine toughness to survive.

This year started out a bit better but I knew I have to do things differently.

I decided to change my workout routine, my client work, focus on other types of client work and background work.

And what did I do? I went back to yoga again. I almost always do yoga but mostly dynamic or power yoga and less or zero from the gentle yoga exercises. But this year I felt I NEEDED a change, I needed to go for some mild exercises, mild yoga sequences.

Do you know what’s the best thing in exercising for a fitness trainer like I am (I’m still teaching fitness classes offline besides my online coaching life)? When I can go to a class where I don’t have to lead the class but I can be just one random class participant. It’s like heaven.

I have been to several classes this year and every one of them was an extraordinary experience. I got to know myself better. I came to several realisations that oh, wow, this is why I feel this-or-that good. Or bad. This is why I prefer exercising at a certain point. Oh, this is how my body works.

It has been awesome!

I feel I’m meeting myself again.

It’s not some very extra esoteric epiphany but getting to know my body better. I don’t have to deal with other people’s bodies and reactions, I don’t have to instruct others or count the repetitions during my own workouts. This is about going with the flow and getting to know myself again.

I got a home yoga sequence from a yoga teacher who didn’t only gave me guidance for my home yoga practice but added some very kind words. Just the exact reminder I needed. I hope Emily doesn’t mind if I close my post with her words. They are so much more meaningful than my way-too-emotional I-don’t-know-how-to-expess-myself words.

Remember that your yoga practice is for you to receive whatever it is you require in the moment. When we come to the mat it is our time to listen to what our body and mind need and to move from the stillness. Some days we may want more strength while other days our bodies ask for more flexibility. Coming to the mat gives us the opportunity to release anything that does not serve us and to gather the energy necessary for accomplishing the tasks at hand.

We are in constant flux dependent upon what is happening in the world around us. Our practice allows us to step back and be the observer without attachments to all of the distractions of what is or was or what whoever says it should be.

Yoga practice invites us to be in each moment to watch the unfolding, with peace, regardless of the situation. With practice, we are able to open and quiet the body and mind so we are better able to listen to the spirit.


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