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Why do you need a life coach? Actually, you don’t.

Why do you need a life coach? Actually, you don’t.

Well, honestly, nobody _needs_ a life coach, health coach or any kind of coach. You can live your life without coaches, however, working with coaches can make your life easier and happier, more purposeful. You can live without coaches, it’s not like air or anything like that. But why skip any opportunity that can add joy to your life?

I, myself, didn’t know it either that life coaching is good, I thought it’s something bored rich chicks need to spice up their lives. Then I realised, what I’m doing is partly life coaching. And what I, as an individual, not as a coach, also need. This is what I craved for but I didn’t know how it’s called so it took me quite a long time to find it.

Originally, I’m a fitness instructor (mostly Pilates and postnatal training) and a holistic nutritionist and during our sessions, we talk about workouts, food, what hinders them in following a healthy lifestyle, we talk about stress relieving methods and all. After a while, I realised that we talk about life more than food and workouts. The biggest realisation was when one of my clients asked for an appointment and said she didn’t want to do any workouts just talk about something with me because I’m the person she can talk about that certain topic. She said, our sessions are better than her consultations with her therapist. I was like, whaaaaaaaaaat?! It was the turning point in my life, I started reading more and more about stress relief, career choices, work-life balance and I realised what I do, what I need to focus on is life coaching. I gained a certification in life coaching which was a bit useless, it wasn’t the best course ever, but it made me want to learn more. So I did another life coaching course and a specification, I became a life purpose coach which is huge help in my mentoring consultations (you know, I coach aspiring fitness trainers and nutritionist on how to start their business – it comes in handy if we can find the roots of their desires and make the boring background work more motivating).

Ever since I incorporated life coaching methods into my sessions, my clients (both fitness trainer wannabees and health coaching clients) are more satisfied and more motivated. So, again, I have to tell you, you don’t need a life coach, but it can make your goals more visible, and a well-structured series of questions can result in success sooner than just doing what’s needed without a vision behind it.

Having a coach is like holding your hand while you go through something unknown, new or scary. You would probably survive alone, you would probably reach your goals but it feels less scary if you have support. It feels more motivating if you can talk about your worries, doubts, fears of failing and all. Of course, as an adult, you can take responsibility for your life but you don’t have to do it alone. A coach is right here for you.

You probably don’t need a coach. But you probably WANT one.

I like my sessions with my coach once in a while. I like my chit-chats with my friend who I consider my mentor. I like talking about my workouts with my colleague, I like that we can discuss what tweaks we should do on our workout plans to make them more effective and enjoyable. I enjoy my yearly visit with the nutritionist where I can complain about my cooking habits, how much I hate that I can’t eat everything without a stomach ache. I like all of these. I like the mixture of these.

And a good coach can recognise which of this areas you need to work on the most. Now, that I have some useless certs and have read books and articles to educate myself, and of course after gaining some valuable knowledge and certifications in health, wellness and coaching, I’m trying to master mixing all the acquired methods. Mentoring, health & wellness coaching, life coaching and, well, simply giving support and offering a helping hand.


You don’t need me (or any other coach). You may want me, though.





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