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You have a business that you had dreamt a lot about and now you are confused that it isn’t the same as you expected. You are constantly tired, going from one task to another, you rarely see your family and you here „get a life” more and more often.

That doesn’t seem right.

You find yourself missing your family and friends and wishing you could spend a bit more time with them or just doing things that you loved before. You don’t even remember the last time you had a whole hour for your hobbies.

It shows that your work-life balance is not right, well, it doesn’t exist at all. Your energy levels are low, you constantly feel overwhelmed you cannot enjoy anything, not even the things you loved before. Everything suffers. You, your family, your hobby. Everything. You need to have the balance – or as I prefer, the harmony – back.

Work-life harmony is all about priorities, your priorities.

I will help you find your priorities, we will clarify your goals and mission and I will teach you the practical tools to get the right method that works for you and your life. If you can achieve a good harmony between your work and personal life, you will enjoy both work and free time. Through clarifying your dreams and goals, you can improve your assertiveness, confidence and you can feel much safer in this constantly changing world.


I know, what you are going through now. I have been there. And I didn’t do it in the right way. I rushed myself into exhaustion and burnout and I didn’t even want to admit that I have a problem. I had 100-hours workweeks for quite a while but still didn’t get results. Except for a negative result in my health – which was especially shameful hence I worked as a Pilates instructor and health coach. Finally, when I was sitting on a date with a nice and handsome guy but I was thinking „I wish I were at home working” I realised that I don’t have a life and when I finally go out, I don’t enjoy it, I knew, it’s not good, I needed a change. It was the time when I spent all the money I earned on my health just to stay in average condition (loads of vitamins, massages, physiotherapist, etc) – don’t get me wrong, it’s important to do these things just nota s a way of trying to compensate the lack of sleeping, rest, a huge load of stress and sitting all day. I knew, it’s not good and needed a change.

Wanna know about some quick tips to gain work-life harmony? Just click here and grab my free checklist of my favorite tips.

My life has changed since then. No, I didn’t become a billionaire ten minutes after this realization, the universe didn’t give me extra wealth just to compensate my previous sufferings but I learned how to earn the same amount of money with less work. I finally started to follow the work smart, not hard approach. Now, I’m spending time with my friends and family while my business is growing at a quite steady pace.

And I feel at peace with my business finally. I don’t overstress about every decision in my business, I don’t worry that much, I’m way more focused and satisfied with my current state.

This is what I can help you with:

  • clarify what you want from your life or business
  • finding your motivation
  • setting realistic goals
  • learn to prioritize to be in line with your big goals
  • learn new methods and daily habits that lead to a better work-life harmony
  • improve time management skills
  • boost your productivity
  • create an action plan to get your dream career succeed
  • work out a perfectly healthy and balanced diet with a workout program that fits your agenda
  • find the best stress relief methods and create a schedule that suits both your health and business goals

With my coaching packages, you can find the solution for your problems. It’s your decision where you want to put your focus on, I have programs for finding clarity in your business, creating harmony between work and personal life or teaching you how to stay healthy as an entrepreneur. Your first step is to make a decision what you need the most – on a FREE clarity call, I can help you decide where you need my help. So, don’t hesitate, just hit me an e-mail.

why me?

I know, we have just met, why should you trust me? Why am I here talking about business and this abstract thing „work-life balance”? I admit, there’s nothing special about me other than the fact that I have already made the leap and started a business after several years of office work. Luckily, I was brave (or crazy?) enough to believe I could start a new biz and I have had ups and downs which made me clever to recognize the traps, the bad and the good directions.

My journey as a full-time entrepreneur started in 2005, I went crazy in 2011 when I started to run two businesses at the same time. I became a Pilates instructor in 2011 and I have been teaching ever since and a few years ago I realised that I coach aspiring fitness trainers in my free time (because drinking cocktails in a pub is too mainstream), I have more and more consultation sessions spent on giving advice on fitness career and teaching them how to find the right direction and how to manage a side hustle int he beginning without going crazy. So, I decided to make it official and start my coaching business at the beginning of 2017. Later, my clients weren’t only from the fitness industry.

I find this support very important because I have struggled in the beginning and I don’t like suffering, not even if it’s not my fight against the unknown enemies. In my first year(s), I was uncertain where to start. I didn’t know who to ask for advice. When I knew where to seek help, I was too shy to ask. That’s why I’m here, to tell you that you shouldn’t be afraid to ask questions, to show you the first steps that can help you avoid the moments when you think you are going crazy. Not because this is the worst career ever but because there is so much information and you can easily become overwhelmed. I can help you ease these symptoms and show you the road to the not-going-crazy type of entrepreneur life.

Behind the scenes facts about me

  • I have a dog (okay, we are separated because she lives with my parents), and I’m a dog-person. Big time. I’m the one, who shouts “how cuuute” when a dog appears while walking on the streets. From like 100 meters.
  • I watch series on my laptop while doing the washing up because I need the distraction
  • in secondary school I learned about the Pareto principle and since then I’m a huge fan of 80/20 ratio which applies to diet, too, hence I let myself enjoy desserts… for example, cheesecake… or pancakes… or… chocolate
  • my biggest celebrity crush is Joe Manganiello. I have some weird attraction to broken(-like) noses.
  • my hobby is collecting cookbooks than cooking only one or two recipes from each but taking pleasure in the beautiful pictures from time to time

This is me on paper:

2017 – Life Purpose Coach

2017 – Life Coach

2015 – Holistic Nutritionist

2012 – Pilates Instructor

2011 – Group Fitness Instructor

And numerous courses and workshops on business clarity, different coaching approaches, foundations of a successful business and all. Yes, I love studying about stuff I can use in my biz.



  • A partnership between you and me
  • Sessions where I can give you my expert advice on what to do in what order to save time to gain a better work-life balance
  • Focusing on what’s important to reach your goals (aka start your biz in the most time and cost-effective way)
  • Super-focused sessions where we explore your options and opportunities
    Creating solutions to your problem