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Staying Healthy as an Entrepreneur

You are your #1 asset so you must take care of yourself!

You hear it everywhere that being an entrepreneur is awesome, people praise the entrepreneurial lifestyle so much that you start to believe that it’s better than heaven. Well, it isn’t.  Yes, it allows you to bring in your own money, you are more independent and you can create your own working hours, entrepreneurship can become an obsession. You can easily find yourself working long hours (“why not? this is for ME, I want to work more, I want to earn more”), your schedule can become very hectic (if this is the case, check out my work-life balance program), you sit in a room for 10+ hours and neglect healthy eating habits, you exercise less (you don’t even walk to get some coffee in the canteen), you sleep less but you sleep in some weird hours. Does this sound familiar?

Mostly, you don’t even recognise the seriousness of this situation until you have constant baggy eyes, pale skin, bloating and stomach ache, poor social skills and some extra pounds on unwanted places (it’s never the breasts, never – at least for me).

It’s not acceptable to trade your health for financial success – if you want to stay successful long-term, you must prioritize your health. Remember? Your #1 asset is you!

Are these words familiar and typical for your life? If yes, it’s high time you changed your habits and approach.

During our „stay healthy as an entrepreneur” program, we go through the most important parts of a healthy lifestyle to provide long-term health for you. You know, the biggest treasure in life is your health.

What topics will we cover and why with me?

  • healthy, balanced diet – I’m a holistic nutritionist and health coach so I know some stuff about diet
  • a workout program that fits your agenda – I’m a fitness trainer who has helped to find health and lose weight for 100+ people int he past few years
  • stress relief and creating a schedule that suits both your health and business goals
  • finding the true motivation that can help prioritize and decide what you need to change – I’m a life and life purpose coach focusing on clarity and work-life balance

During our 12-week program, we’ll cover all the essential topics that need to be known for a healthy life and we create a schedule, a workout and diet plan together. No, I won’t force you to follow any weird diets or extreme sports (if you don’t want to) but we will find the best suitable methods for you.

1:1 coaching & consulting

  • weekly 50-minute calls
  • handouts, workbooks and home assignments
  • unlimited emails
  • 12-week program – investment:  2500USD now on summersale for only 1800USD